Martial Arts School Owner's Guide to Internal Dialogue

Uncategorized Aug 03, 2015

How do you communicate with yourself when issues arise? We often spend so much time worrying about how we communicate with others that we ignore the value of an internal dialogue. Clear perspective is extremely important when you’re steering the ship of your own martial arts business. Running a martial arts school can be a one-man band, so communicating effectively with yourself is as important as communicating with employees. There are certain things you should consider in every circumstance to help organise your mind.

Is the matter at hand worth your time?

Do you ever ask yourself “should I even be worrying about this?” The truth is: certain circumstances are entirely out of your control. When you encounter these situations, the only healthy course of action is to simply let the matter go. Wasting your time on things you cannot change will only bring you stress or even anguish. As a business owner, you need to master the skill of immediately stopping yourself from dwelling on these types of issues. Focus your attention on the parts of the situation you do have influence over.

What is your perspective?

Do you view this circumstance as a challenge or an adventure? Is the matter a problem or a situation? Whatever option you choose is dependent on your perspective.  Don’t underestimate its power, as your perspective will shape the way you approach the matter. Instead, try to see every ‘challenge’ as an adventure and each problem as a situation. Relish in the nature of problem-solving and keep your awareness about you at every step.

Remember to thank yourself

Humans can be extremely critical of ourselves, especially when we have a high level of investment in the given circumstance. When running your own business, especially if you operate on your own or in a small team, you can fall into the trap of focussing on the negative and failing to get the appropriate recognition when you complete tasks successfully. For a clear and confident mind it’s crucial you congratulate yourself on a job well done. Let yourself breathe in the good moments when you know you’ve performed well. It will improve your perspective and be beneficial to your mental health. For more advice on managing a martial arts business, get started with TIMA. We have had lots of experience in the industry and we’ve gathered many tips along the way.

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