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The Pillars Necessary to Scale your Martial Arts Business...

  • Clarity on Your Direction
  • A Blueprint of Business Build
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Strategy
  • Performance Strategy
  • Understanding of How to Scale the Business
  • The Owner Mindset

Our Mission is to ignite our student’s confidence for life by teaching Business skills through Mentoring and Coaching 1000 schools to over 7 Figures over the next 5 years. 

It's our Billion dollar Martial Arts Project, and we want to give you the steps absolutely free...

Not everyone will actually take these steps, which is why we don't work with just anyone!

We are inspiring role models that make a difference one person, one family, and one community at a time. And that means we have to be extra selective with who we help, to make sure they are committed to a 7 figure outcome.

If that sounds like you feel free to download the guide and begin your journey...

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Shihan Phil Britten & Graham Mcdonnell
Co-owners of WAIMA & Founders of TIMA

Without doubt, $60,000/week is a dream come true for us, but it took a lot of work to get there!


We faced many obstacles and we know how it feels to be “stuck” in business. As a fellow martial arts school owner, perhaps you’re facing the same struggles we did…

Low turnover & even lower profits… leaving no money to invest in marketing or better facilities, let alone pay yourself properly for your hours. Business stress steals the joy from your sport… yes, you are an expert at martial arts, but you’re not an expert at business. It’s not easy!

Not enough students & inconsistent numbers… always ‘on edge’, never knowing whether to employ extra staff or just suck it up and teach classes yourself.

Too many hours on the mat… you’re physically exhausted with zero time left to consider your business strategy. No time for family, friends or a life!… you’re all-consumed with teaching classes, managing staff and operating your business. You need a holiday but it’s not happening any time soon. If that sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

The good news is, not only have we battled head-to-head with these obstacles ourselves… we’ve overcome them!

How did we do it?

Honestly, it wasn’t easy. We invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars into our success. We tried new strategies, paid for expert advice and tested every new marketing idea. Many ideas flopped, but a handful of strategies worked and worked well.

By the time we opened our third martial arts school, you could say we knew what we were doing. Our schools became successful and profitable. We were finally working on the business and not in it…and actually having fun!

Other martial arts school owners began asking us for advice.

It was then we decided to write down our methods so that we could plug-and-play, recreating the same success over and over again. The end result is a set of amazing strategies that have been proven to work.

Like most Martial Arts School owners (yourself included), we’re motivated to make a difference in others’ lives. That’s why we’ve bundled the strategies together into a training course for people like us. We’ve called it the TIMA “5-Star Business Freedom Solutions.”

Download it now and start building your martial arts business dream.

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