TIMA Future Leaders

This Course Provides Martial Arts Instructors with the Tools to become Authentic and Effective Leaders


TIMA Future Leaders

This is the ultimate Online Coaching Program to help find, develop and nurture your leadership team now and into the future!

4 Weeks

Crash Course in all the basics

3 Months

How to Praise, Motivate & Improve Students

6 Months

Taking sections of classes, drills, warmup games & challenges

12 Months

Teach techniques in front of class, how to take your class from not knowing a skill to knowing it.

Advanced Courses

2IC Course (Class logistics) GPG grading prep instructor (Small groups) Lead & Head Instructor (everything off the mats)

If you have no development programs for your staff and all other programs seem old and outdated then this course is for you.

Our Future Leader program has developed thousands of world class instructors and leaders all over the globe

We could easily sell this course for tens of thousands of dollars but we won't, the value this program will bring to your business is out of this world and is ready for you to implement right now.

Just think for a minute what your life will be like with your floor full of world class leaders, when you don't have to be in every class and you can step up and out of the engine room to sail your ship. 

I know this program is a game changer for you so don't hesitate just take action now.

Take a look at some of the killer results from our clients


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