Increase Student Numbers & Generate an Income of Over $60,000 Per Week With The Help From A Personal Mentor!

Get Your Business Analysed, Evaluated and Coached by One Australias Most Successful Martial Arts Business Owners


Get 3 x 20 Minute Power Coaching Sessions With Our Lead Coach For Just $150!

More Than Just Coaching...

Get access to a range of specifically tailored TIMA courses and resources designed to help you scale your business results

Receive a 60min Mentorship session each and every month with fully trained and experienced coaches to evaluate, analyse and guide your business to unprecedented success

Join an exclusive group of like-minded people in a closed private members Facebook group. Get access to weekly 30 minute live Q&A sessions with TIMA and WAIMA founders Phil and Graham, live meetings, networking opportunities and more

When You Need To Take Your Business To The Next Level, Call In The Experts


Founders of the WA Institute of Martial Arts, Phil & Graham have grown their business from one small dojo to THREE full-time martial arts schools across Perth servicing 1800 students. 

With a 'Pay it forward' attitude, TIMA has helped martial arts schools across the globe reach their goals.

Through coaching and mentoring sessions, webinars, courses and events, TIMA can help increase your brand presence, generate a staggering income, increase retention and boost profits.

 Why Choose TIMA?

Phil and Graham are international speakers who have inspired and improved business and personal lives with their candid, tell-it-like-it-is attitude and strategies for success. As 5th Dan martial Artists they know all there is to know about martial arts and as owners of multiple businesses, all of which they have built from scratch, they're equally versed in all things business. 


Don’t let your business dictate the hours your spend and the money you put in

Make your business work for you, not the other way round!

 If You Want Time & Financial Freedom, The NOW Is The Time To Take Action

● Learn how to work ON your business not in it

● Discover invaluable business insights and get practical advice on how to take your business to the next level

● Get personalised answers to YOUR specific question as opposed to generic “one size fits all” feedback

● Save valuable time and money by using the many plug-and-play options, you'll have at your fingertips

Business coaches are proven to dramatically increase business success and TIMA are the leaders in martial arts business coaching and mentoring.  

With a keen awareness of the industry and businesses of all shapes and sizes, we focus on your entire infrastructure, probing you to identify your desires and goals and push you out of your comfort zone.

TIMA has put together a series of courses, resources and coaching options designed to
ensure you get specific advice and strategies tailor-made to your business and situation. 

We help you apply those strategies, implement changes, analyse results and hold you accountable. In short, we're there with you every step of the way.

"Phil and Graham know their stuff. I have heard them speak on stage on many occasions which has always left me ready to take on the challenges of running a business. Since coaching with them, I have grown both personally and professionally. The value, advice and friendship they have given me is just what I need as a solo business owner"

Kevin Docherty
Business Owner

Coaching Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

We have different pricing options to suit different budgets, but whatever option you choose, you can be sure that you'll always receive high-level expertise and advice specifically tailored to you and your situation.




One x 30 minute session from an Elite coach each month

Access to The Complete Martial Arts Business Solution Course

Invitation to join TIMA Mastermind - A private members Facebook group


This option is perfect for smaller businesses on a limited budget who have the vision and see the value in getting a coach to grow their business


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One x 60 minute session from an Elite coach, each month

Access to The Complete Martial Arts Business Solution Course

Invitation to join TIMA Mastermind - A private members Facebook group


This option is our most popular solution. 

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One x 60 minute session from Phil Britten or Graham McDonnell, each month

Access to The Complete Martial Arts Business Solution Course

Invitation to join TIMA Mastermind - A private members Facebook group


This option is for those who want to fast-track their success, multiply their businesses and be coached by the best in the business.

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There are many reasons why becoming a TIMA member will pay out dividends, but here are just 5...

  1.  We have have made the mistakes and wasted money and time so you don’t have to
  2. Each one of our resources has been born from necessity in our business and requests from our clients to help in their business
  3. You will be first in line to new product launches, trial new services, get early-bird tickets to leading events and more
  4.  Our competitive pricing and package options ensures there is something for everyone no matter what your requirements or budget
  5.  You will gain access to a network of likeminded people, industry experts and business leaders to bounce ideas of, get unbiased opinions and enrich your knowledge base

"I have been operating in the martial arts industry for a long time and have never seemed to break free from being chained to my business. Since working with Phil and Graham, they have helped me systemise my school in a way that I can actually see the light."

Chris Fulture-Coles


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