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Create Income That Doesn't Rely On YOU

Most martial arts business owners are trading too many hours for not enough dollars, until you learn how to sit down and create the systems and procedures that allow you to get out of the engine room and sail the ship, you'll never be able to truly create an income that doesn't rely on you. 

When I was 30 years old I turned to my business partner Graham and said. "we are holding ourselves back, at this rate we will loose all the things we are fighting for by building a business based on our personality". That was the realisation we needed to spur us into taking massive action and build a multimillion dollar organisation that gives us the time, money and lifestyle we dreamt of.

In the TIMA Mastermind course and community I'll work with you on how you can do this the right way and you'll come out of it with a clear path to take your business to a 6 or 7 figure business. 

If you want to take your martial arts business to the next level and learn from successful business owners already in the industry, then the exclusive TIMA Mastermind Membership option is for you.
For just $47 per month, you will get all the tips, tools and strategies to increase sales, build a strong brand and boost your profits.
Let us help you build the business you have always dreamt of.


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What you will get as a Mastermind Member

Wherever you are in your business, TIMA MASTERMIND is a group of like-minded business people who have been, or are in the same position as you are. Together we can build a community of successful martial arts schools within our industry! From a little over $1.50 per day, you will get ALL of this...

Networking Opportunities

Everyone in the closed Mastermind Facebook group are or have been in exactly the same position you are in now. With a desire to learn, share and pay it forward, you can brainstorm, discuss ideas, share thoughts and get advice from a grass roots level to help grow your business

Live Q&A Sessions


Each and every week you will be invited to a LIVE session with Phil and Graham McDonnell where you can ask ANY question you like about YOUR business. This session is an open house led by the members. Get all the answers you may have on daily struggles, student number issues and long-term strategies

Fly On The Wall Insights

With three full-time martial arts schools, meetings are what keeps owners in the loop and staff accountable, but just should be discussed, what should be delved into at length, what should be left to a private session and how do you make them effective? Get weekly access to our own WAIMA Managers meeting LIVE

Hot Seat


Every month we will choose a MASTERMIND member who has been active in our Q&A sessions, posted, shared, asked questions or contributed to discussions for the benefit of themselves and the group. This member will receive a FREE 30 minute one on one mentoring session with one of our elite coaches



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