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When you join the TIMA Business School you will get more than just information, you will get a team of people genuinely interested in your personal and professional success.

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We go live inside our closed facebook group every week to help you get the results you're after. Ask us questions, join in on the conversation or watch the reply either way you are going to get actionable advice to grow your business.

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Join other like-minded people in the Martial Arts Industry all striving for success both on and off the floor. At TIMA we believe we are all in the business of changing people's lives and by banding together we can effect this change on a far greater scale.

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"Well, well, well boys........ what can I say. Not only has you guidance and mentorship been on point every step of the way so far. We have been truely blown away by the level of service, knowledge and care shown by the TIMA team. We have had immediate results with easy to follow steps, your program has given us back our passion for what we do and I can’t wait to see where this journey leads next. So glad we contacted TIMA"

Joondalup Martial Arts

"Since starting in December with tima, instantly our energy and mindset were changed, we were immediatly able to integrate all the knowledge we were learning and found that it had a profound result in such a a short period of time. There is tons of great content they are showing us and We're only just scratching the surface thanks to the guys at tima. we are really pumped and looking forward to the exciting road ahead with them !"


"Celebrating this week, biggest week ever. Close to $23'000 for a club with a little less than 300 members. Thanks to Phil Britten and Graham McDonnell, with out there help and guidance we wouldn't of thought this possible."

Mark & Kezia
Focus Martial Arts

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