5 Proven Martial Arts Marketing Strategies to Grow Your School in 2022


A New Era of Growth

Your Martial Arts school is under a new era. And if you were planning on things going back to “pre-pandemic normal” — it’s time to scrap those plans.

The Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t like throwing a rock into a still lake, with ripples that move outward until they finally disappear and the stillness returns. Rather, the pandemic was like a storm that morphs and shifts a lake’s landscape, permanently. 

The marketing strategies that used to work for your school might not work in 2022 and beyond because the landscape has completely changed. Your plans need to be adapted, reimagined, or even scrapped entirely to meet the new expectations of today’s customers.

As we look ahead to this year and the future, it’s important for schools to invest time, budget, or resources into the Five Martial Arts Marketing Strategies we have detailed below for your school to grow.


No Gimmicks, No Marketing BS!


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