Keeping Students Returning to Your Martial Arts School

One of the most frequent challenges a martial arts business owner will encounter is how to keep students returning to your school. The rate of clients leaving martial arts schools is quite high.  According to Graham McDonnell, owner of TIMA, a semi-professional school has around a 10% attrition rate, with professional schools having an attrition rate of around 7%.

New students don’t make up for lost students

Often martial arts businesses attempt to bring in new students as a solution to their rate of attrition. This is a poor solution as it will result in a school gaining new students just to ‘break even’ and limit the school’s potential to grow. Attracting new students to your business can be costly and time consuming. Research has shown it takes 16 times for a new student to see your brand and choose your service, says Graham. It takes only five interactions with an existing student to retain and keep them. It is more cost-effective to focus on your...

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