MA Business Success 102: Simple and Effective Sales Processes For YOUR Martial Arts School

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Graham: Welcome back to this week's episode of Martial Arts Business Success. We're at episode number 102, so thank you, guys, for tuning in.

Phil: Hey, guys. If you didn't know, we've got...I'm just gonna hit you right between the eyes, right away, before I forget because we've got a really, really cool topic today about sales. But before I forget, I just wanna I mention about our super cool event we've got coming up on the 19th of November. So whenever you're listening or watching this year, don't forget, 19th of November. Us, TIMA, are teaming up with Hyper. We're doing a day of martial arts awesomeness. There's gonna be some cool instructor developments athletes day, but more importantly...well, not more importantly, what we're doing is a four-hour marketing boot camp where we're gonna teach you the million-dollar marketing techniques that we've used to build all our businesses and what, you...

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