5 Proven Martial Arts Marketing Strategies to Grow Your School in 2022


A New Era of Growth

Your Martial Arts school is under a new era. And if you were planning on things going back to “pre-pandemic normal” — it’s time to scrap those plans.

The Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t like throwing a rock into a still lake, with ripples that move outward until they finally disappear and the stillness returns. Rather, the pandemic was like a storm that morphs and shifts a lake’s landscape, permanently. 

The marketing strategies that used to work for your school might not work in 2022 and beyond because the landscape has completely changed. Your plans need to be adapted, reimagined, or even scrapped entirely to meet the new expectations of today’s customers.

As we look ahead to this year and the future, it’s important for schools to invest time, budget, or resources into the Five Martial Arts Marketing Strategies we have detailed below for your school to grow.


No Gimmicks, No Marketing BS!


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Starting 2020 with 20/20 Vision

blog marketing tima Feb 20, 2020

Nothing external will ever change until internal changes. What are the things internally that we needed to change?

As we start this year, we have to know where we are, so you can map out where you’re going. To reach your goals, watch & learn from the TIMA team as they explain the importance of having a laser focus on what it is we want to achieve. 

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Your Brand in 2020


Have you ever noticed that the social media avatars are consistently changing?

Watch as Phil explains the importance of being ahead in the game by thinking of what is going to work in the future instead of what is working now.

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Breakthrough the Barrier


How do we get into the schools?

Watch as Phil discusses the different approach to get the message across not just to the community but most importantly, to the parents as well.

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Word of Mouth


Have you ever struggled with referrals?

Watch as Graham shows you strategies how to make clients come in and walk through the door to inquire about your services.

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Lead Conversion


Have you ever struggled with an Internal Event concerning lead generation?

Watch as Graham cracked the code how to get massive numbers of great leads that will lead to high conversion rate.

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Choose The Best Approach


Have you ever wondered what Sales Funnel works best for Martial Arts?

Watch Phil as he excitedly shares the basic steps in choosing the one that is tailor fit for your business.

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Customer Interaction


Not sure how to start marketing your business online?

Watch as Graham illustrate how it is not as difficult as you think in meeting client face to face as well as doing it over social media.

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Make Your Brand Stand Out


What makes your brand different from the others?

Watch as Phil & Graham gives a run down of what strategies to use to create a content that will both empower your brand and engage your community.

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Sharing Message to the Community


How to get out there and let the community see your brand up close and personal?

Watch as Phil shows you how to set up store and draft scripts to elevate your brand.

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