Martial Arts School Owner's Guide to Internal Dialogue

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2015

How do you communicate with yourself when issues arise? We often spend so much time worrying about how we communicate with others that we ignore the value of an internal dialogue. Clear perspective is extremely important when you’re steering the ship of your own martial arts business. Running a martial arts school can be a one-man band, so communicating effectively with yourself is as important as communicating with employees. There are certain things you should consider in every circumstance to help organise your mind.

Is the matter at hand worth your time?

Do you ever ask yourself “should I even be worrying about this?” The truth is: certain circumstances are entirely out of your control. When you encounter these situations, the only healthy course of action is to simply let the matter go. Wasting your time on things you cannot change will only bring you stress or even anguish. As a business owner, you need to master the skill of immediately stopping yourself...

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